Physics of Nanosystems

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Positions available

We are looking for highly motivated students at all entry levels and for various topics. Please send applications to

For funding schemes for PostDocs please also look for example at the website of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation.

Selection of specific topics available:

03.05.2018: PostDoc Postion: Quantum transport in 2D materials

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01.03.2018: PhD thesis: Charge transport in novel organic or low-dimensional semiconductors

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01.03.2018: Master thesis: Quantum transport in graphene heterostructures

A emerging field of research are van der Waals heterostructures. Our specific interest is to impact charge transport in graphene via the proximity of graphene to other two dimensional materials. The goal of the master thesis is to investigate the properties of such new hybrid devices in electric and magnetic fields and understand which of the characteristics of the initial materials dominates in the hybrid device.

01.03.2018: Master thesis: Organic sensors

Due to their large surface to volume ratio, nanoscopic organic materials are ideal candidates to be used as highly precise sensors. This master thesis will be dedicated to the largest challenge of organic sensors: their selectivity and cross talk to other analytes